1. Trapped,  with nowhere to run
  2. I’ve always been afraid
  3. Rage overwhelms my fear
  4. I won the birth lottery
  5. Creating an intimate game, with fear
  6. Initiation into the world of men
  7. Setting the game in motion
  8. Feeding on the cruelty of the world
  9. I’ve signed a binding contract
  10. Accepted into my first tribe
  11. I’ve already been in a skydiving plane
  12. I’m not a freak of nature
  13. Accelerate the failure
  14. My life’s dream is over,  at twenty-two
  15. Who’s your Daddy?
  16. Being laid off was a blessing in disguise
  17. Glider flight over rolling, green hills
  18. When is the protective bubble of safety a trap?
  19. I’m ten years old again
  20. Leaving the illusion  of a safe, predictable life
  21. Knight takes bishop, at 125 miles per hour
  22. My fear turns to fun
  23. Look where you want to go
  24. A reminder of my  contract with death
  25. I’m not an adrenaline junkie
  26. Alone, unemployed, homeless
  27. Flipping my graduation tassel, at 12,500 feet
  28. It’s only a handshake
  29. Revelations